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We ask the best of ourselves and each other every day to achieve our missions. As a coach, I partner with you to see the landscape more clearly, understand yourself as a leader and a team member, and keep building your strengths and your contribution. My approach combines proven coaching techniques with deep experience in mission-centered leadership, strategy, and operations.


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You'll define the coaching agenda to meet your needs. My clients tend to work with me on one of four deep challenges:

  • Strategic Growth: Taking the next big steps forward to reach your most important goals.

  • Change Support: Finding the personal keys to turn great organizational ideas into real change.

  • Authentic Leadership: Developing your impact, by building from the person you truly are.

  • Values-Driven Career Decisions: Finding the path that brings your richest self into your work.

We’ll design a partnership to fit your specific goals, building on five principles:​

  1. Be the Leader: In our coaching, you’ll set the agenda for our work and decide how to take action. As your coach, I will help you dig below the surface, find new ideas, and choose the steps to move forward that best fit for you.

  2. Take a Breath: We’ll slow down and deepen our understanding of exactly what is happening before we dig into solutions. Where are you in all of this action? What are you experiencing? How are your goals and values playing out here?

  3. Consider the Context: Great leaders and team members don’t operate in a vacuum. In our coaching we’ll ask honest questions about your environment and relationships. What do you control? What’s outside your reach?  How can you be most effective within this space? And where could you change the playing field?

  4. Tap All your Strengths: Mission-driven work is demanding. You need to be able to call on all your creativity, capabilities, and motivation. So we'll explore what you’re experiencing as a whole person, not just in your role as a “professional."

  5. Stay in Action: We’ll use our conversations to find the actions that feel right for you. Your discovery will continue each week as you put those ideas into practice. Step by step, you’ll make commitments and start building new ways of working.

"Jim is great.  Not only does he have a great feel for the strategy and business questions, he got me to a much deeper level of understanding about my own goals as a leader and a person. Jim challenged me, kept me honest, and kept me focused on the toughest questions. I highly recommend him."

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Schedule a Free Exploration Session

I would love to talk with you more about coaching and where you are going in your career. Schedule a free 30 minute Exploration session to talk about your goals and see how we fit.

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